Wills & Estates

Wills & Estates

How we can assist?

At Ton Legal we offer intricate advice on estate planning, powers of attorney, appointment of guardians and testamentary trusts. We can also advise our clients on common issues such as what to do when the will is not written in English or when the will-maker does not speak English.

We can provide advice in relation to Wills, Powers of Attorney, Appointments of Enduring Guardians, Binding Death Benefit Nominations for Superannuation Funds, Living Wills, Family Trusts, protective trusts for children, guardianship of minor children and the accurate transfer of assets to the next generation.

Further, we also offer a full probate service for the administration of estates. Administration of Estates is the management of a deceased estate by a person duly authorised to act as executor or administrator depending on whether the appointment was made by will or the Court.

Estate administration work that we perform for our clients include – Applications for Grants of Probate in New South Wales including applications for Letters of Administration where there is no Will or no valid Will and the administration of deceased Estates. Our solicitors can prepare all the summons and relevant affidavits on your behalf.